Grail Concept

The idea of our Cases is of course quite easy. If you are here most likely you love two things. Your Fine Swiss Watches and then ofcourse your Apple Watch. However what if your Apple Watch was a fine Swiss Watch? A Grail? Well here we are. So first of all Swiss Grail represents everything that the most saught after Swiss Watches do. Extreme attention to detail from the raw materials to the production and finishing. Everything is made from the absolute best materials and hand finished to perfection in Geneve. Just like your Richard Mille or Audemars Piguet. Then theres the Wow factor. Something must be truely rare to be special enough to give a true wow factor. So therefor every Swiss Grail model is and will be limited in production numbers. No model will ever exceed 10.000 units produced. And any Steel model will always be limited to 1000 units produced.